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Recurring Cleaning Services from Maranatha

Imagine arriving home on a Friday, after a tiring week of work and appointments, and finding your house or apartment completely dirty, requiring you to work hard and start cleaning it? On top of that, have you ever thought about receiving an unexpected visitor being completely desperate to organize everything? This is exactly the kind of headache that our recurring cleaning service solves. Our specialized team works with the best products and tools to do a job with excellence and speed. We do all the hard work while you rest or spend time with your family.

Our proven process

Clean and Sanitize – In addition to our standard cleaning practices of dusting, vacuuming and scouring, our team will also sanitize light switches, doorknobs, telephones, bathroom surfaces, and other commonly touched areas.

Professional Staff – Our residential housekeepers are extensively trained to clean every room in your home based on your specific needs, delivering the professional clean you expect.

24-Hour Warranty – If you’re ever dissatisfied with any aspect of our recent services, just give us a call within 24 hours and we’ll work with you to resolve the problem.

Specialists in Recurring Cleaning

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Find out below some of the benefits of hiring our company.

Our focus is your health

Maranatha Cleaning Services focuses on our client's health, we not only remove dirt and dust, but we work to reduce the number of germs, bacteria, and viruses. Our cleaning methods also reduce the symptoms of allergies and asthma by reducing internal contaminants. This means that you and your family will be better protected against the illnesses that these common household germs cause.

Flexible options

Because you deserve it, Maranatha Cleaning Services can help you find more free time to do what you want. Whether you need weekly or monthly cleaning services, or even something in between, we have flexible options that fit your schedule.

Your family happier

Since a clean and healthy house equals a happy home, investing in recurring cleanings is like investing in a better family time. A clean and tidy environment reduces stress levels for you, your spouse, and the rest of the family, which can lead to better and healthier relationships.

About us

Maranatha Cleaning Service

Elaine is the founder of Maranatha Cleaning Service which offers various high quality cleaning services with punctuality.

She invests her time everyday specializing her work with quality products and tools, always striving to deliver the best, healthy and safe experience her clients can expect.

Under the sun, rain, snow or wind, Maranatha will clean.

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Amy Harrison
Amy Harrison
I have been using this team for 17 years and recommend them to all my friends! They are reliable, trustworthy, efficient, friendly and excellent cleaners! I am so proud of their growth and expansion!
Rose Bonilla
Rose Bonilla
She has been cleaning our home for 6yrs. We trust her as part of the family . Very efficient and the house is always clean and organize when come back. Great price as well !
Elaine Cordeiro
Elaine Cordeiro
Trajetoria do Sucesso
Trajetoria do Sucesso
Excellent service and professionals!
Isabelle Oliveira
Isabelle Oliveira
Um ótimo trabalho
jessica vale
jessica vale
Elaine and her team does a such a great job, my house is always so clean and spotless.. very responsible and caring. They are the best.

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